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God of Martial Arts

Other Name: เทพยุทธ์พลิกลิขิตสวรรค์; 绝世武神; Peerless Martial God;

Plot Summary: Battle skills determines fate. When the weak will be bullied. When the stronger will be the person who watched the world. Nevertheless, there are many weak warrior must be in the grave. The most powerful warriors can cut through the river or cut the mountains into half. These sect are attack for usurp the name of strength. In this place, the stronger should have the rights to survive. Although it is relative, if it has weak, what are waiting is bullying and taken out from the sect.

Author: Jing Wu Hen , Yunduowudongman
Artist: Jing Wu Hen , Yunduowudongman
Date of release: 2017

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God of Martial Arts Chapter Lists

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